• Establishing connection with the world and people around.
  • Importance of healthy habits and good memories.
  • Identifying neighborhood places and their importance. 
  • Introduction of plant and animal spices along with human body parts.


  • Recognition of family members and their relations.
  • Learning to control emotions & behavior as responsible individuals.
  • Developing and understanding regarding the concept of higher key.
  • Developing the values of empathy & sharing.


  • Developing gross and fine motor skills.
  • Identifying the colors.
  • Learning to trace over lines.
  • Learning basic papercrafts.
  • Developing coloring and drawings skills.


  • Developing phonemic awareness.
  • Learning action rhymes.
  • Vocabulary enrichment through audio-visual stories.
  • Picture recognization.
  • Expressing basic needs & having basic conversations.
  • Interactive storytelling sessions.


  • Understanding & Recognition basic shapes.
  • Familiarising basic numbers.
  • Recognition of primary colors.
  • Develop the concept of days with weeks and months.

Frequently asked questions

GitaRam TULIPS believes that all children have the right to a stress-free childhood, and we have demonstrated that education can be a fun way to learn. Learning can and should be enjoyable. We believe that all children should be able to enjoy the thrill of discovery and develop a passion for learning.

To provide all learners with an opportunity to maximize their innate potential by creating a learning environment that suits all individual learners. Also, motivate the human greatness in every child by identifying and nurturing each child’s unique gift.

GitaRam Tulips provides their need for an academic institution to nurture young talents with state-of-the-art facilities and develop the skills to face the challenges of modern society. For the first time in Berhampore, GitaRam Tulips is going to provide special education services for kids as a playschool. We believe every child needs special care to grow in their own way. So we curated an enriching online curriculum that includes hands-on activities designed to capture little one’s interest and spark their creativity.